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New cars from CarPlus Company: inexpensive car rental without a driver and with minimum effort

Do you think of a car as a means to achieve everyday goals rather than a luxury? Do you have limited time for car maintenance, so car rental is the only way for you to solve everyday issues? We have something to offer you, and this will change your attitude to car rental services and road transport as a whole forever.

We have created a very convenient online service, where you can rent a new car with a full tank in only 15 minutes. No long checks, no drivers, and no restrictions. These are 100% drivable and fully assembled economy and business class cars, that are perfect for everyday use and long journeys.

Since 2016, we have closed more than 1,000 successful deals. Only positive customer feedback bears witness to the fact that we are the best in our business. CarPlus Company is a game-changer in the world of car rental services, where everyone can get the desired transport and drive for as long as he or she needs.

Rent for everyone

Our services will be of great use to customers of all incomes, namely:

  • To explore Kaliningrad and its surroundings, you can rent economy class models that will be perfect to move around the city fast and park in any convenient places.
  • Are you planning a family vacation trip? Then try renting spacious sedans with large trunks or crossovers if you plan to go out of the town. We will also provide child car seats, navigation devices, and other accessories if necessary.
  • If you have a business trip planned, choose a new and comfy car with a tidy interior. We have premium-class cars with powerful engines and great configuration, which will suit the taste even the most demanding car enthusiasts.
  • For work and business. The best option for business-related meetings and escorts for foreign delegations would be to rent a business class car. We offer a great variety of business-class cars with comfortable leather interiors, advanced electronics for business negotiations, and a presidential security level.

With us, you can find a perfect car that will suit your needs. Call +7 (4012) 76-06-06, and we will find a car to suit your needs.

How to rent a car in CarPlus?

We realize how important time is for people of business and know how meaningful it is to linger any moment of a long-awaited trip, so we have developed a simple and clear interaction scheme between the owner and a renter.

  • Book a car. Call us and learn if the vehicle you need is available or book it online on the website.
  • Make a contract. We work with individuals and legal entities only after signing the contract. This way we can protect your rights and resolve any situation quickly.
  • Deposit and make a payment. After concluding the contract, you are to pay the full amount for the term of the lease as well as the security deposit (franchise). These conditions are obligatory in all transport companies.
  • Get a car delivered The CarPlus staff will configure the car according to your request and deliver it to the specified address.
  • Return the car. We have simplified the return conditions, so there is no need to wash the car, refuel the tank, and wait for the inspection results. The responsible individuals of our company will accept the rented vehicle within just 2 minutes and wish you to have a nice day.

6 reasons to rent a car in CarPlus

      1. Free delivery

You should not pay for car delivery in Kaliningrad or to the Khrabrovo airport. If you rent a car for more than 3 days, the delivery to Zelenogradsk, Svetlogorsk, Pionersky, Baltiysky, and Yantarny will also be free.

     2. Minimum documents

To rent a car, all you need is a driver's license, passport, and driving experience of at least 1 year. No more checks or certificates are required.

     3. Clean vehicles in good order

All cars in our fleet are under 3 years old. Besides, they undergo regular technical control in certified service stations. Before delivery, all cars are washed and their interiors are dry-cleaned.

     4. Popular prices and discounts

Our prices are below-market, and we offer beneficial conditions for long-term rentals. If you rent a car for 5 days or more, you get a discount! So driving more means paying less.

     5. Round-the-clock support service

CarPlus 24/7 managers are willing to provide advisory support and promptly resolve any force majeure situations. We accompany customers from point "A" to point "B" and back.

     6. Full insurance

All cars are insured in case of theft or road traffic accidents at insurance companies. Upon submission of the STSI certificate, all reimbursements are subject to the terms of the contract, hence minimum liability for you.


We know how to make car rental easy and affordable. Give the CarPlus service a try and you will never revert to the taxi and public transport services again.